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About Broadcast Fax Preparation
What document and list formats can I send with the Broadcast Fax service?

You can send Microsoft Word, PDF, PostScript and WordPerfect files. All you need to do is E-mail your file to broadcast@visionlab.ca. For other file types, please contact a customer service representative.  If you require creative/graphic assistance with your document, for a nominal fee VisionLab can also provide this type of service.

For lists, you can email Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV (comma delimited text), and other text file formats as well.

Don't forget to provide your contact info and your fax number in order to receive and view a test fax for approval.

What does the report for a Broadcast Fax Transmission include?

The default Transmission Report for a Broadcast Fax includes vital statistics, such as:

  • submission time
  • number of records submitted
  • number of pages per fax document
  • number of pages delivered
  • total chargeable minutes
  • average time per page
You also get a list of the fax numbers that VisionLab could not send to and the reason why your fax was not delivered.

How many times does the VisionLab network try to send my messages?

The VisionLab network tries to send the broadcast fax to each recipient at least three times unless the number has a history of being incorrect or inaccessible. When every number on your list has already been tried for the job, you have the option of authorizing a re-send job for those recipients who did not receive the fax on the first attempt.

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