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Need to send a fax? No fax machine handy?

Don't worry...
Send regular text messages and more directly from your e-mail to a fax machine!

With E-mail to Fax, you'll save time by skipping the print job and the jog to the fax machine.

When you send an E-mail to Fax message, our system automatically converts your E-mail into a fax and forwards it to the destination fax machine.

The VisionLab advantage…

You can even use E-mail to Fax from both PCs, Macs as well as any cell phone, mobile or wireless devices that can send e-mail!

E-mail  to FaxE-mail  to Fax

How it works?

It's as easy as sending an e-mail message.
For example, to send an E-mail to Fax message to Ms. Jane Doe in New York at (212) 555-9090, you would address your e-mail to:


or if you want to keep it more simple, just leave Jane's name in your message and address your e-mail to:


The fax number consists of three parts:

Country code 1
City or area code 212
Fax number 5559090

And finally, when you send E-mail to Fax messages, you'll receive your fax delivery confirmation right in your e-mail inbox. If you need it, you can even receive a helpful copy of your fax message with the confirmation.

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