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If you can e-mail it, we can fax it!
The ultimate solution for sending electronic forms to a fax machine.

VisionLab's Application/Web to Fax system can send your text, PDF, MSWord or basic HTML files to any fax destination. VisionLab also offers control switches that let you control dial attempts, resolution, cover page, CC options, and much more.

Integrate Application/Web to Fax in your web site application or e-mail server to send referrals, requests, order forms, catalogue information, confirmations, receipts (proof of purchase) and more.

The VisionLab advantage…

You can send text, PDF and/or basic HTML "in-line" by e-mail, eliminating the hassle of attachments and dramatically reducing development time.

The service is not restricted to the Internet; as long as e-mail can be generated from an application, VisionLab can deliver your messages to any fax machine.

Delivery confirmation in the "subject" header of an e-mail notification allows for easy management and tracking of faxes sent.

In-house technical/customer support for Application/Web to Fax projects.

VisionLab provides an easy-to-use Programmer's Guide with useful tips and instructions.


How does VisionLab's Application/Web to Fax work?

The first phase is to define the functionality that will be provided on the web site or from your application.

The implementation of this requirement is the next phase and can be done in many ways.

A common approach is to create a CGI script (Common Gateway Interface).
For each fax to be sent out, the following steps need to be implemented:

  • create an e-mail message with the information to be sent included in the body or as an attachment, respecting the formats supported by the Web to Fax service. (For details see Programmer's Guide)
  • For each e-mail message, include the destination fax number in the "To" header following one of the 2 prescribed formats: janedoe@12125557878.tofax.biz     or      12125557878@tofax.biz
  • Finally send out the e-mail messages, including any required controls.
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